The Charnock Hospital Radiology & Imaging services are open 24X7 for providing emergency diagnostic services round the clock. It offers a complete range of diagnostic and image guided therapeutic services . Skilled Radiologists, using state- of –the- art equipments provide safe and efficient imaging services with humane touch that are fully co-ordinated with highly professional medical care to provide accurate interpretation for effective management of diseases.


The MRI machine in use is Philips Multiva 1.5 T MRI machine, which is the first of its kind in eastern region with 32 receiving channels enabling very high resolution imaging especially in cardiac and body imaging. Apart from whole body imaging, this MRI machine has facility for whole body spectroscopy , perfusion, diffusion sequences, fat quantification, unique fat suppression and ortho metal artifact reduction (OMAR) techniques . Dedicated MRI of Prostate (multiparametric) can also be done with high accuracy. Non contrast and contrast enhanced MRI angiography of brain, neck, thorax, abdomen, renal and peripheral parts can be done with high precision. There is also facilities for triple phase MRI of abdomen. All these go a long way in making accurate diagnosis. Breast Imaging, high quality cardiac imaging and lot more advance imaging techniques are possible with this state of the art machine.

The hospital uses a Philips Ingenuity Elite – 128 slice CT Scan machine. This high end CT Scanning machine is capable of carrying out advance scanning including whole body scan, coronary, peripheral, abdominal, thoracic, head and neck angiography along with guided FNAC/biopsy /drainage CT enteroclysis and triple phase liver imaging. The advance cardiac package yields a very high quality cardiac angiography capable of handling irregular and high heart rate.

The Ultrasound department boasts of a high end Voluson S6 USG machine by GE. Routine whole body ultrasound with Color Doppler including ultrasound of soft tissue, neck, chest, abdomen, Obstetrics & Gynecology and guided procedures are done. Transvaginal ultrasound, to get a closer view of the area to be studied are frequently referred to by the gynecologists for diagnosing various gynecological problems.

X-Ray is the oldest and most frequently used initial form of medical imaging that provides images of the structures inside the body – particularly the bones. All kinds of plain X-Rays (except dental) and special X-Ray like Barium meal/ Barium follow through /Barium enema/ Fistulogram/ T-tube cholangiogram/IVU/HSG/Sinogram/ASU/MCU and also portable X-Ray can be done round the clock.