Orthopaedics deals with treatment and care of injuries and disorders of skeletal system as well. This includes bones and muscles, ligaments, nerves of limbs as well as of spine. The Orthopaedic care, which has evolved in recent years helps in minimizing discomfort and earlier return to function. The combination of highly skilled surgeons, nurses and support staff along with latest available infrastructure provides comfortable and happy experience for our patients at Charnock Hospital. The philosophy of “Patient First” as priority remains the core value.


Joint Replacement/Reconstruction Surgery-Arthritis is a term used for various disorders of joints and most common one is degenerative arthritis or Osteoarthritis. This could be due to old age, previous trauma to joint, prior injection with deformed joints and some metabolic disorders. Other kinds of arthritis also known as inflammatory arthritis are auto immune in nature.

The treatment depends on cause, stage of disease, associated deformities etc and can vary from medication, rest, exercises, physiotherapy to surgical treatment. Surgical treatment could be minimally invasive cartilage reconstruction to correction of deformity to joint replacement-depending upon severity of disease/process as asses by the Doctor. State of Art facility and ethically correct treatment protocols are used.

Knee Replacement Surgery-Knee Replacement Surgery includes total knee replacement with both fixed and mobile bearing high flex knee design. We specially deal with joint preserving knee replacements addressing individual components of joints with partial replacement which give much better quality of functional result. They can also be addressed in specific patients with computer navigation technology or 3D print based patient specific knee replacement.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery is available with all kinds of latest portable design materials to address specific requirements of particular patient.

The speciality includes facility for complex revision replacements for patients with earlier done loose or failed Joint Replacements. The results match with international standards of joint replacement surgery outcome with Quantified scores assessment.

Replacement Surgery is also available for Elbow, Shoulder Joints and small joints of hand as per need. Complex Trauma care involves advanced fixation technique with emphasis on minimally invasive fixation preserving bone biology. Associated vascular and soft tissues repair is also undertaken. Complex trauma of pelvis and Acetabulum is also dealt with.
Spine surgical services provided by the department include treatment of degenerated disease of back, infection, deformity corrections, fracture and dislocation of spine. Facility exists for minimally invasive stabilization as per need of patient.

Arthroscopic Surgery is available for all sports or otherwise caused ligament muscle and cartilage injuries of knee, a joint most commonly injured. Latest technique of ligament reconstruction, cartilage reconstruction and meniscal repairs are done with excellent outcome.

• Sterile coated seamless Steel panel Modular OT with 3 stage HEPA filtered laminar air flow to maintain the high level of sterility (Level of cleanliness of supplied air: Class 100 within Laminar Flow Area) . Hermitically sealed door and antistatic epoxy Flooring for highest level of cleanliness and echo friendly shooting environment inside the OT

• OTs are connected with all types of central medical gasses, medical air and suction system both from wall as well as from imported pendent for easy and smooth operations .

• OT light : Two dome ceiling suspended imported LED Light (Berchtold – Germany) with intensity 1.60K Lux each and variable colour index facility for highest level light penetration to facilitate any type of deeply located surgery inside the body

• OT Table : Imported (Berchtold - Operon Mfg . Germany ) OT table and accessories with all type of positioning facilities for high performance level of all orthopedic surgeries ( like Replacement Surgeries, Spine surgery and all Joints and Trauma Surgeries) . The table is having minimum and maximum height facilities, bariatric positioning facilities along with sliding features to give the maximum comfort to both patient as well as the Surgeon, towards better performance

• Arthroscopy : Stryker -USA Arthroscopic system with HD CMOS technology to perform best key hole minimal invasive surgery for correction of vascular and Soft tissue, ligaments tear reconstruction, menisectomy, Lavage, Cartilage reconstruction etc

• Drill: Stryker -USA, battery operated heavy duty macro drill ( System -6) and Imported air driven Pneumatic drill –Synthes - Switzerland, with different attachments to facilitate Surgeons towards better performance in all types of complicated surgeries


• Charnock Orthopaedics Team is concentrating on ‘Customized Joint Replacement Surgery based on 3D modelling’
• The various other covered areas include : Joint Preserving Joint Replacement
• Arthroscopy
• Sports Medicine
• Spine Surgery etc