Cardiac Sciences

Urology is the branch of medicine that deals with the ailments and treatment of disorders of the Urinary tract in men and women, as well as the study of the male reproductive system. This includes disease of the kidneys, adrenal gland, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra in both sexes and the prostate and the male sex organs. Charnock Hospital has a dedicated treatment programme for all urological procedures, skills and facilities to carry out endoscopic and laparoscopic (minimal access) and difficult reconstructive and radical Cancer surgery wherever possible.


With the advent of 100 watt Holmium laser, Charnock Urologists perform minimally invasive keyhole surgical procedures resulting in shorter Hospital stays, less discomfort and blood loss. Investigations and Procedures, such as, Uroflowmetry, Cystoscopy and Stent Removal are efficiently done at Charnock Urology department too.

Clinical Skill

Bladder : Stone, Cancer, Urinary incontinence
Kidney – Adrenal : Stone – PCNL, RIRS, Flexible Ureteroscopy
PUJ Obstruction – Laparoscopy, Open, Endo
Kidney Cancer – Radical surgery, Partial nephrectomy
Adrenal - Laparoscopic
Cancer – Radical surgery
Reconstructive Surgery : Simple & Complex Stricture
Paediatric Urology : Simple, Failed, Complex Urethral Hypospadius
Male Urology : Testis – Undescended, Torsion, Tumour
Male Reproduction : Penis – Curvature, Cancer, Varicocele
Sexual Dysfunction : VVF, Complex Vaginal and Urethral Reconstruction