Critical Care & Emergency

A Critical Care Unit of a healthcare facility caters to patients with severe and life-threatening illnesses and injuries. These units are distinguished from normal hospital wards by a higher staff-to-patient ratio and access to advanced medical resources and equipment that is not routinely available elsewhere. Charnock Hospital’s Critical Care Units are led by Full time, 4 tier Consultants who are supported by a highly experienced and compassionate Nursing team. There are also the Paramedic and ancillary staff who completes the Critical Care team and help to contribute a holistic approach to patient care.


And to give immediate attention to the patients, the 6 bedded Emergency department of the Hospital has been built up with utmost care along with advanced technology. The department is being manned by two-tier Emergency Medical Officers and Incharges who are specialized in these fields.


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• State-of-the-art fully automated Stryker beds equipped with 6 channel bedside monitors.
• Advanced hemodynamic monitoring systems (EV 1000 platform etc).
• All ICUs are equipped with 3 stage HEPA filtration airflow systems for faster recovery.
• Invasive (most advanced Maquet and GE Healthcare Ventilators with advanced modes) and non invasive ventilator facilities round the clock for every patient.
• ‘24X7’ In house facilities for Haemodialysis/ Peritoneal dialysis/ Plasmapheresis/ Temporary & Permanent Pacing.
• Resuscitation equipment, defibrillators and most advanced Airway devices.
• Facilities for USG, Echo, Color Doppler, 128 slice CT, MRI and advanced Pathological laboratory for all round delivery of services.