Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Charnock Hospital has a “Dedicated team of Obstetricians and Paediatricians to ensure that every Pregnancy results in a healthy mother and a healthy baby!!!”

Counselling Services | Family Planning and Contraception | Obstetrics Solution | BOH (Bad Obstetrics History) | Menopausal Problems and Geriatric Gynaecology | Recurrent Miscarriage | Urogynaecology | Management of High-risk pregnancy and Childbirth are also done with great expertise

High-risk pregnancy care | Infertility Management | Non-surgical treatment of heavy bleeding | Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery | A state-of-the-art Gynae OT with HD Laparoscopic set up and harmonic energy | This is the only Hospital in North-East Kolkata equipped to cater to all kinds of High Risk Obstetric Emergencies with a back up of 70 Critical Care Beds. | The 20 bedded Obstetric Ward has the beds in an innovative disposition. All these beds are having individual Televisions towards “feeling at home” . | Round the clock coverage by Inhouse Consultants and Post Graduate Registrars. | Continuous CTG monitoring. | Painless Labour. | OPD Consultation by Specialists, available everyday from 9am till 8pm. | Special Gyn. & Obs. Sonography from 8am till 8pm.

Dr. Dibyendu Banerjee [Dgo, Md, Dnb, Ficog]
Dr. Debolina Brahma [Dgo]
Dr. Sudeshna Mukherjee [DGO, MD (O&G), MRCOG (UK)]
Dr. Nandini Chakrabarti [DGO, DNB]
Dr. Vinita Khemani [DGO]
Dr. Siuli Chowdhury [DGO]
Dr. Barnali Ghosh [MD]
Dr. Suchandra Mukhopadhyay [DNB]
Dr. Nupur Das [MD]
Dr. Kavita Mondal [MD (AIIMS)]
Dr. Parijat Sanyal [Ms (OBS & GYNEA)]
Dr. Goutam Dutta Sarma [DMCW, DGO]
Dr. (Prof). Nilanjana Chaudhury [MD (OBST & GYNAE)]
Dr. Sukhamoy Barik [Ms (OBST & GYNAE)]
Dr Richa Hatila [MS(G&O),DNB(G&O)]
Dr Dipankar N Das [MD(G&O)]

• Dr. Manas Kr. Mondal [MS, MCh, Ph.D, D.ORTHO]
• Dr. Tridibes Mandal [MS, DNB (UROLOGY)]
• Dr. Sandeep Gupta [MS,MCH(UROLOGY)]