The Charnock Hospital Radiology & Imaging offer a complete range of diagnostic and image-guided therapeutic services. The services are open 24*7 to provide emergency diagnostic services round the clock.



• Whole body imaging with whole body spectroscopy
• MR Angiography of brain, neck, abdomen and peripheral parts
• Unique fat suppression
• Ortho metal artifact reduction (OMAR) techniques


• All types of USG including Transvaginal Ultrasound

CT scan

• Advanced whole body scan
• Coronary, peripheral, abdominal, thoracic, head and neck angiography
• CT enteroclysis and triple phase liver imaging
• CT guided FNAC/Biopsy
• Conventional high-resolution X-ray (C-R)


Cervical Spondylosis | Low Back Pain | Frozen Shoulder | Sciatica, Disc Prolapsed | Osteo-Arthritis/Knee Pain | Tennis Elbow | Ankle Sprain | Bell’s Palsy | Cerebral Palsy | Paralysis | Sports Injuries | Post-operative Neuro-case Physiotherapy Rehalibation | Post-operative Ortho case-Joint | Replacement/Arthroscopy Physiotherapy | Post Fracture Physiotherapy Rehab | Audiological Services | Therapeutic Services